Wednesday, October 3, 2007


laura is hibernating folks. the reason? leslie took over.

basically, i am more concerned with seeing than writing. being a photographer can do that to you.

i'm fine. but i'm obsessed with what images i can produce. i am rapidly expanding my portfolio.

so what does this mean? basically, there will be no more updates or posts. no, this blog won't be taken down. it stays up, as a testament to laura and what she was. but she's retired now.

does this mean i no longer love gay male porn? on the contrary. i have noticed that if i write about gay porn, it's like venting: i get my rocks off a bit, and i never achieve what i really want, which is to produce, direct, write, and edit a top notch gay porn film. you talk about it and you never get around to doing it. great! i was sick and tired of never achieving my dreams. for too long, this blog sort of took my eye of the ball. so instead of talking and writing about my gay porno movie, i'll just MAKE it. doing and making is a whole lot better than talking and writing about it.

so for those who are expecting new posts, i am sorry for boring you. i am obsessed. i must pursue this until the end. i cannot stop thinking about it.

so long, it was a decent run. now i have to pursue my destiny.