Friday, September 7, 2007

hot...for all the wrong reasons

i want to make a gay porn movie. but it will be really dark...basically, the protagonist will be a macho high school football player white guy who gets gang raped by 3 buff black guys while serving a stint in jail for school vandalism. the experience leaves him scarred, turning him into a political conservative as he gets older. except that even as he marries and has children with his beautiful cheerleader wife, he secretly cheats on her with handsome black male prostitutes who "re-enact" his trauma from his brief stint in jail during his teenage years.

he hates gay people. he thinks black people should sit in the back of the bus. yet he wants to be penetrated by them over and over again. how will he reconcile the fact that what he hates the most, turns him on the most?

one day, he cruises for anonymous sex in a bathroom in some big coastal city. he follows a handsome black man into the restroom, not realizing that the object of his lust is a vice undercover cop. he is arrested and sent to jail, where he realizes his worst nightmare and the wet dream of his life happening all over again...will he embrace his true inner slut, or will he retreat into his shell and repudiate everything he ever masturbated to in the last 15 years?

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