Thursday, August 16, 2007

hall of fame

first things first...i just turned 31 yesterday. it was nice, believe it or not. what sucks is the heartburn.

i am getting slammed with work, so posting has been very spotty, as if you guys haven't noticed. it's all about establishing the groundwork for my career. basically, i want to write, act, direct, edit, and photograph. that's a lot, isn't it? but that's what i want. i won't stop until i get it.

in the meantime, here's some of my best posts, with a little commentary.

men who lactate: my newest obsession
men you can literally milk really fascinate me.

the beginning of brokeback basketball
i flex my skill in writing gay sports themed erotica.

yao ming and dirk nowitzki: the forbidden encounter
i remember feeling gloriously alive when i wrote this post. after i wrote this, i thought to myself: i think i just fucking climbed mount everest. you know how proud i was to have written this piece of sports themed gay smut? let me tell you, after writing this post, i just HAD to take out my magic wand. the giddiness was so infectuous...i was so sweet to everyone around me for a whole week. i mas emailed this post to friends and family...i was so dizzy with pride. bar none the best post i have ever written.

the political female
why gender is just social bullshit.

objectification: is it always wrong?
why wanting to be treated like an object is neither a feminie nor masculine character trait. i make my case that dominance and submission are not tied to gender or biology, but to individual personality and preference. i also make the contention that dominance and submission is a false binary.

a fantasy
what happens when i get the power to achieve my goals?

dear matt sanchez
i ask a melanin rich, man loving, latino conservative republican male where i can purchase his gay porn movies.

respect and fear
this is why i will always be more in awe of viruses and insects than i ever will be of any human being.

a hot dream
i scare even more readers with this piece

the lockerroom voyeur
the comment section contains some nice accounts.

the militant feminist
why feminism is not "anti-fun" or anti-male.

content ownership: this is where the talent really takes it up the ass (and not in the good way either)
this stirred up alot of controversy. there were some people who mistook my demand for reform and regulation as "antisex" and antiporn. fucking idiots.

gender blender
more on the plasticity of gender

my personal ban on straight porn
i make the case that buying gay porn is the ethical choice.

i suffer a temporary illness that prevents me from typing the letter i.

something a friend needs to accept
non negotioable things you need to accept if we can remain friends

the unmarriagable one
this is why i'll make a shitty wife.

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