Sunday, August 5, 2007

old. very old.

i am recovering from massive heartburn from an eating binge yesterday. i puked about an hour ago, and i only feel a smidgen better. there was too much lobster, too much lamb chops. where has all the fun gone in my life? well, i couldn't burn the candle at both ends any longer, could i?

yes, i know. how boring. no more tales that make me interesting. my pegging and fisting days are over, and frankly, i don't miss them.

you could say that my outlook has really changed. right now, i am most worried about my eyesight. i've accepted that i'm an old fogie when it comes to my sex drive nowadays. but my bad vision is really starting to scare me. for years, i didn't care that i was practically blind without my contacts. now that i'm a photographer, i worry that my eyesight will dwindle away to nothing. no offense to happy blind people, but i'd rather die than go blind. i'm not kidding.

i hate that i'm getting so morbid. that i worry about my physical capabilities. but that's what old age does to you. i think about the nasty things that could happen to me, and loss of eyesight would definitely kill any will to live for me.

if this downer post doesn't kill my readership, i don't know what will.

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