Tuesday, August 28, 2007


if i do go through with my egg donation, i'll be able to be a parent, with minimal physical discomfort. sure, the procedure still hurts, but it's nothing like pregnancy and childbirth. i mean, the chances for a vaginal prolapse are next to nil with egg donation.

don't get me wrong--there are women who are fine after giving birth. but i really don't want to take chances with my vagina.

what makes vaginal prolapses so scary? why does it scare some women into choosing a ceasarean section instead?

i've never seen a vagina sag right out of a woman's cunt. but that's exactly what happens to some mothers right after birth. with some women, it's their uterus that gets pushed out after birth...like a sock turned inside out, i hear.

i'm a very small person. aside from my fear of turning into a fatass, i don't want to push a kid that will rip my pussy to shreds either. and that's just the tip of the iceberg. you know what else can happen during and after childbirth? rectal prolapse. you read that right. that's when the inside of your rectum sags right out of your asshole.

and you thought weight gain and a shredded pussy was bad. dying doesn't sound so bad compared to a collapsed asshole. i mean, how the fuck do you live after something like that? how the hell do you function?

these are my reasons for being steadfastly prochoice. the way i see it, how the hell can anybody compel anybody to live with a prolapsed asshole or vagina just because they got pregnant? oh sure, abortion takes away a life, but what about pregnancies where twins start out, but the stronger twin cannibalizes the weaker twin, like what occurs in fetus in fetu? let me tell you--nature is very messy. it's pretty brutal. many singleton births started out as twin pregnancies...but in the womb, the greedy fetus will kill their twin and absorb him or her to monopolize the resources in the woman's womb. that's murder at the most basic, most intimate level.

remember the indian man who was pregnant with his brother for 30 years? his brother was human, with an apparent will to live. you see, he cannibalized his twin in utero. only the twin refused to die. the twin tenaciously clung to life by stowing away in his brother's stomach for the next 30 years, until he grew too big to go unnoticed.

this just goes to show you that anyone who tells you that all life is sacred has their head seriously up their ass.

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